SMS boy's 7 years saving 15 people

From New York, Liz Clegg suddenly received a text message from one of the phones she handed to the children at a refugee camp in France.

That is the phone of 7-year-old Afghan boy Ahmed. The message is written in English misspelled: "I ned halp darivar no stap car no oksijan in the car no signal iam in the cantenar Iam no jokan valla".
Clegg, who is attending an international conference in the United States, quickly realized that it was not a joke but a message for help, saying, "I need help. The air in the car, no signal, I'm in the trunk, I'm not kidding, I swear to God. "
SMS boy's 7 years saving 15 people
Immediately, Clegg phoned the charity Help Refugees in London (England) to coordinate with the police. The police dialed Ahmed's number and followed the phone to a gas station in Leicestershire. They ransacked the car and rescued Ahmed and 14 other refugees crammed into the back bin.
One person was arrested for human trafficking while two others were charged with illegal immigration. Ahmed is in a safe place and says he still has Clegg's number - a member of the Help Refugees charity group. The organization grants children refugees in Calais, France, in March 2016 to help them safely. One of those phones saved 15 lives.