Do charity to those who have the will, change the desire!

Around the question, "What do charities do?", "Who do charities work for?", I agree with the view of charity. I believe that charity in money and rice is just the case, education aid is the most original way to change themselves, and then overcome poverty themselves.

On Youtube there is a clip "Want to help others? Of Ernesto Sirolli in the TED workshop very well. Clip is only 17 minutes long, who do charity and concern about charity should see all. (TED is a world famous forum where the opinions and views of individual freedoms are presented by prestigious speakers, in which Ernesto Sirolli - One of the pillars. Of the non-profit project in Italy made in Africa).
Please do charity
"It is not easy to help others!" The Italians, Britons, Americans and French have been helping Africa 2 trillion dollars over the past 50 years, but it may be hurting them.
The first principle of aid is respect.
After all, in every economy, if other people do not need help, leave them alone. "
Ernesto Sirolli shared in his speech. His way is to sit with indigenous people, not in the office, not in community meetings, but in cafes, pubs. Find people who have a desire to change their lives, and help them. And they will drag the people around. They know better than us.
When making charity, I rarely donate money to rice, as I have seen families as lazy as just pretending to be subsidized. I believe the best way is to find and help those who have the desire.
And educational assistance is the most original way to change themselves and to overcome poverty themselves. And when they succeed, they will help those in the community, because they know what their hometown is in need of. Or at least they dreamed up for somebody, even if it was just an imitation dream. Have dreams, will have the will. Willingness, there will be path.
My home is in the town of the district, but my parents and my brother have worked with remote mountainous communes for decades. I find that mountain people are very poor, very poor, hungry and lacking in clothing, but many of them are quite lazy to work and spend extra money.
Alcohol is light - noon - noon - evening, wine in 2 liters, 5 liters, drinking from the bowl, not drinking in the cup. They were surprised why the white city people dressed up or worked until 2, 3am, why sometimes forget to eat lunch, and even starve at 3pm. Why drunk, go hang out so hard?
From Hanoi to home, sitting on the bus, when you see the road many young men, men sitting at the door, ignoring the road, is about to come home to me then!
Meanwhile, my hometown in Ninh Binh, a low-lying area, when I also saw my uncle I was working. They wake up at 4am to cook and eat breakfast with rice, and bring food to work. Out to the sky and dark sheets. In addition to growing rice, they also grow sweet potatoes, potatoes, peanuts, sesame, mulberry ... land is not empty on any day.
The central part is also much more difficult to live than the mountains and the west, the barren land, the harsh climate, yet they still rise up and learn and work well.
In Israel, I feel even more miserable, they have almost no land, they are all pebbles and rocks, desert, rainfall is extremely rare, save every drop, but they still make gravel to produce green vegetables Pass away. That is not to mention their top professions such as technology, finance ...
Israelis consider the lowest level of charity to be charity, while the highest level of charity is to help with business, loans and business. Maybe that should be the day they are richer, and better.
I support the programs of meat meat, school building, school easier for students, I support clean water programs for their health.
I support programs to improve traffic. I think, it would be nice to get out of the village, out of the village. They need to exchange, go out, go sightseeing, need other lands and see where they live. Traffic is also easy to trade, so they dare send their children away ...
I support the program of rural screening. Books, knowledge, which are the most lacking, not the rice. There are books, today does not read read tomorrow, this person does not read, the person to read will read.
I like Le Duy Loan's Sunflower Mission model, school building and scholarships for girls. After more than 13 years, SM has built 144 classes and awarded more than 15,000 scholarships, of which 388 have graduated from university. The organization's operating costs were 0.83% over the past 13 years (many US non-profit organizations have a running cost of 20-30%).
She gave scholarships to girls, because she found that if you give money to men then most of them will go to play gambling or alcohol. Conversely, if you give money to women, they will use that money to care for the family. If you want to change a whole generation, it is better to invest in girls.
And many more ...
In summary, except for such natural disasters and sabotage, which require urgent and urgent relief, I support more long-term projects, focusing on EDUCATION, and focusing on individuals. YES, there is a desire to change.
Then they will make their own money and rice, in the way of SUSTAINABILITY and best understanding with the locality.