Bill, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett came from charities

They have done many activities to improve the global social problems like hunger, poverty, HIV and family planning.

They have done many activities to improve the global social problems like hunger, poverty, HIV and family planning.
Bill, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett has accumulated a huge fortune, but they are determined to transfer to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Since joining in 2006 when Buffett pledged most of its assets to the fund, the three celebrities have performed many activities to improve the global social problems like hunger, poverty, HIV and family planning.
"This is extraordinary as the we learned a lot of things, when we were building the size of the fund but received double this figure, in areas such as agriculture and malaria through time, "Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates-Gates Foundation said.
"We have the ambition unbelievable," the symbol of technology, said in an interview program of CNBC page.
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has donated nearly 185 million shares of Berkshire class B for funds with a market value of about 15.1 billion US dollars, and plans to spend an annual gift of his lifetime to the charity .
"For me, the story begins on July 5, 1991, and Bill was reluctant to see me, but we were quickly dismissed this feeling," Buffett said. "And since then we have a lot of good time."
Warren Buffett, Melinda and Bill Gates discuss philanthropy.
Gates Foundation Co-Chair Foundation, Melinda Gates said: "There's something quite funny. I teased Bill rangdo destination in our lives, like Omaha is always on the way to or from the West Bank. So I often tease Bill that he turned a lot more to visit Omaha Warren. "
Even with the extensive resources and relationships from their high positions, trying to change the world is not easy. In fact, one of the specific initiatives have had a pretty difficult start.
Two years ago, Melinda began a project to give women in developed countries have access to education to contraception and family planning. This initiative was controversial in the US, but Melinda believe in "education for them [the women] and then let them make the decision for myself because, if they can determine space , timing of delivery, the women have more health, as well as with the kids. "
According to the Gates Foundation, with more than 220 million women in developing countries who do not want to get pregnant but do not have access to birth control. This fund has now allocated $ 560 million to resolve this, with the goal of providing access to 120 million women and girls in 2020.
It is a project that Buffett thinks need the guts to do and can change the world.
Another way they are changing the world through innovation. A project in the heart of Bill's challenge funds, inspired by the world's best scientists to solve the problems that affect the world's poorest people. In 10 years, it has awarded 1,689 grants.
Everything that Bill Gates favorite challenge is what?
"One of them is something that most of us use about-condoms, but we are looking for ideas for a new type of condom feeling less attractive," Gates said.
"I remember once, pretty soon after we [Bill and Warren] meeting, Buffett Foundation funds have been accused of sponsoring a condom with flavors of cherry and it makes them quite embarrassing."
State Oracle of Omaha has objected to the idea of ​​a certain degree.
"They should never do that. It should be the Strawberry!" Buffett said.