American promotional boost charities

The economic crisis increases the competition between humanitarian organizations. In order to raise more capital

The economic crisis increases the competition between humanitarian organizations. In order to raise more capital, they have to promote branding for philanthropy.
The humanitarian organizations bringing relief mission unfortunate millions worldwide, also not beyond the influence of the global economic crisis. World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations said it lost $ 3 billion alone in 2009. In this context, WFP and other organizations are stepping up marketing and brand awareness to raise more Money for humanitarian activities as food distribution in Congo.
UNICEF has partly succeeded in promoting recognition systems worldwide by sponsoring jerseys to the club FC Barcelona. During the budget of the funds tight, the shirt sponsor is managing director of the fund, Ann Veneman, called "priceless funding"
The main purpose of the organization is performing relief work. However, at the same time they take every opportunity to promote the image, such as the WFP banner was erected enlist when transporting food by elephants in Campuchia.
Simultaneously with economic crises, armed conflicts and natural disasters in the number of people that need help growing. However, this also leads to competition among humanitarian organizations which are increasing in number, while funds raised in the community is shrinking. Show transparency is seen as a key attraction contributions for emergency relief programs like the fighting in the Swat Valley, Pakistan
The two largest donors to the charity that the US government and the British government, along with the European Commission. The agency's humanitarian aid through ECHO Europe's annual aid budget amounted to $ 1.34 billion, was used for activities in Kenya and Congo
The charitable activities organized by the American USAID often accompanied the words "Gift from the American people, to remind the American taxpayers and aid recipients understand who is spending the money. In this photo, vegetable oil tank funded by the US have an effect "sub" in Darfur.
The charity spends a lot of time and effort in order to assign the trademark for their work. However, the campaign was not only brings money This is an impressive version of the European Union flag, as an artist, "garden" painted on the tank in Darfur with all gratitude.
However, many humanitarian organizations are recognizing that local people were less likely to take care of the infrastructure, such as water tanks at Tanzania if it is labeled on the brand demonstrate "ownership" from a certain organization.