tech billionaires donate most of his property

These billionaires have decided to contribute the majority of his fortune to charity instead of leaving it all for posterity.

These billionaires have decided to contribute the majority of his fortune to charity instead of leaving it all for posterity.
Some tech billionaires like spending money on luxury pleasures like shopping a private jet, yacht or even spend money to own both an island. However, the number of billionaires others use their own money to contribute to the social fund.
Below is a list of the most generous billionaire tech village, these people decided to contribute the majority of his fortune to charity instead of leaving it all for posterity:
1. Bill Gates - Microsoft co-founder
Gates had decided not to leave out 84.9 billion fortune to his three children. Accordingly, three children received only a small part, each person is only about $ 10 million only. "I think putting a large sum for the child is not the way to love them," he shared on Reddit in February this year.
Bill Gates founded "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" in 1994 and the fund currently has more than 36 billion dollars. He also worked with billionaire Warren Buffett, who also is a longtime friend, and launch a campaign called "The Giving Pledge" to call on other billionaires to donate at least half their assets to fund charity.
2. Steve Case - co-founder of AOL
Served as millions of people connected to each other through the US AOL, Steve Case now also are collecting large amounts of his fortune to continue developing other technologies.
He has founded Case Foundation in 1997, which focused on the use of technology in service of charitable activities. He also established the company Revolution to invest in startup (project start-up) outside Silicon Valley.
Additionally, Case has also signed participation in the campaign "The Giving Pledge" that Gates launched.
3. Marc Benioff - CEO of Salesforce
Show Benioff is launching a campaign called "SF Gives" challenges technology companies raised $ 10 million to non-profit program in San Francisco in 60 days.
He also encouraged other corporations to follow his 1/1/1 model, ie a company should donate 1% equity, 1% of the time and 1% of staff resources to charitable activities. Reportedly, he and his wife also donated a total of $ 200 million from private properties for the children's hospital at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
4. Irwin Jacobs - Qualcomm founder
Along with his wife, Jacobs has raised about $ 500 million for charities, including funds "Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island," "MIT Fellowships" and "the San Diego Symphony." Reportedly, he also signed participation in the campaign "Giving Pledge" and pledged to donate at least half the profits earned from his electronics company.
5. Pierre Omidyar - Founder eBay
Omidyar and his wife are two of the most generous technology village, they had raised $ 1 billion in its assets when eBay officially listed securities in 1998. They also signed to join "Giving Pledge "in 2010. According to Bloomberg estimates, the current assets of the couple about $ 7.8 billion.
Besides, they also donated shares of eBay in Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm of this couple, and this is also the largest private organizations involved in fighting human trafficking.
6. Gordon Moore - co-founder of Intel
Moore each donate $ 1 billion for charity as well as half of his fortune to establish the Fund in 2001. Moore Moore Fund, currently has more than $ 5 billion of capital, focusing on environmental issues schools, health care and community in San Francisco. In 2012, he and his wife, Betty, also signed to join "Giving Pledge".
7. Elon Musk - CEO of Tesla
Musk had five sons from the first marriage - a pair of twins and a pair of three - however, he donated 12.9 billion in assets for his research into renewable energy , scientific and technical education, and child health.
He has also participated in "Giving Pledge" in 2012 and pledged to donate most of his fortune to charity. There he received only $ 1 a year to work at Tesla.
8. Larry Page - Google CEO
Page has the idea of ​​"spending money" is somewhat different from the billionaire. Instead of giving her 2 kids billions of dollars, he wants to transfer the money for people like Elon Musk to contribute great ideas to change the world.
"Musk wants to fly to Mars, which is a goal worth pursuing," he said. "We have a lot of employees at Google make more money. You work because you want to change the world and make it better, if you feel deserves to spend the time working at the This company, so why not act? I wish we could donate more. "