Charitable Fund of the Republic faction Clinton was attacked

Clinton Foundation is becoming the focal point of attack when former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton announced his candidacy for president.

Clinton Foundation is becoming the focal point of attack when former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton announced his candidacy for president.
Fundraising activities of the Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny when Hillary Clinton campaigned for president a second. Critics question the amount of money donated by foreign governments with projects or economic interests under the jurisdiction of Clinton during her time as foreign minister.
According to AP, Bill Clinton largely a bystander in the first weeks of the presidential campaign of his wife. He decided to focus on the work of the charity fund family instead of visiting the state primaries and his wife soon. However, he broke the silence in the interview found 4/5 day on the Today Show, NBC.
"No doubt, in my mind, we have never knowingly do anything inappropriate, such as using money to influence any policy of the US government," Mr. Clinton said . "That has not happened yet."
Bill Clinton said he had refused a donation, but refused to say specifically. "Because I was rejected, I do not need to talk about it," said former US president.
Clinton Foundation has implemented a ban on contributions by all foreign governments, except six countries, while Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Bill Clinton said that this move is not completely acknowledged the receipt of donations from foreign governments before this is a mistake.
"It is the recognition that we are close to the extent possible in compliance with the provisions of the presidential election campaign of her, as we each followed when she became secretary of state," said Clinton pot.
However, some media revealed the actual Clinton Foundation continues to receive donations from foreign governments as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The vague reporting requirements on donations of funds, along with the media to deepen the relationship between these amounts with Clinton's work in his capacity as foreign minister, is sparking criticism from the Potential rivals are running for president of the Republican Party.
Speaking on the program "Good Morning America" ​​of ABC yesterday morning, Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, in order to fund the interview informed decision of her presidential campaign.
In an interview, Bill Clinton said that the criticism of the fund to be "political" and was a "deliberate attempt to burying the fund".
The former US president also said that if his wife is elected president, he "may" fund leaders resigned.
However, the Clinton Foundation is not the only issue debated. Rising American Republican groups are criticizing Clinton's comments as he confirmed speakers will continue to make money, even when his wife ran for president. Every speech by Bill Clinton can collect half a million dollars.
"I have to pay for life," he said. "And every year, I also contributed to the fund portions thereof."
Clinton Foundation is a non-profit foundation by former US President Bill Clinton established in 2001, whose mission is set out as "human capacity building throughout the world to deal with the challenges of an interdependent over the world". Funds focused on improving global health, strengthen opportunities for women and children, obese children decreased and the disease can be prevented, opportunity and economic development, help the community dealing with the impact of climate change.